We are excited to introduce you to the world of biathlon!

Biathlon is a winter sport that combines the thrill of cross country skiing (skate) with the skill of rifle shooting.

Athletes ski in both sprint and distance races that vary in length according age category.

The skiing is around a set course and the rifle shooting occurs at the Rifle Range within that course. Athletes aim to shoot five targets on the Range. Each miss is recorded (rather than each hit). A penalty loop is skied for each target that is missed or a time penalty is imposed for each miss.

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Biathlon East Australia (BEA) has been formed  by 5 Biathlon Associations and Clubs to develop biathlon across the east coast of Australia. The Associations and Clubs are:

NSW Biathlon Association                       Biathlon ACT

QLD Biathlon                                              

By working together, the Associations and Clubs are able to offer a wide range of biathlon events and activties across different locations in both winter and summer. 

Each Association and Club that is part of Biathlon East Australia, is a legally constituted Not-for-Profit organsiation under the legislation of its state or territory.  


By joining one of the Biathlon East Australia Associations or Clubs, you have access to all activties and events held by each of the BEA Associations/Clubs for the one membership fee. Membership is open to all year round and runs for 12 months from the date of joining. To join a Biathlon East Australia Association or Club as an athlete, coach, official, volunteer or just because you are interested click here

What Does Biathlon East Australia Offer?

Biathlon East Australia's Clubs and Associations offer an introduction to the sport of Biathlon, supports biathlon for enjoyment, fitness and recreation and provides a pathway for athletes who wish to go all the way!

Programs are held in Sydney, Canberra, Jindabyne, Southern Highlands, East Gippsland, Melbourne and SE Queensland. Each year, an overseas tour is run during the Northern Hemisphere winter for athletes who are wanting to develop their biathlon skills, are at an appropriate level to compete internationally or have been selected to compete at International Biahlon Union (IBU) events. 

Athletes from Biathlon East Australia have represented Australia at numerous Olympic Winter Games and the last 3 Youth Winter Olympic Games .

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How to Find Out More

Look through our website, explore the website of the International Biathlon Union, follow us on social media, watch the exciting sport of Biathlon internationally on Eurovision and contact us to find out more.

We’re here to make sure that Biathlon is your favourite sport for recreation, fitness or to meet your goals of representing Australia at the highest levels!