Getting Started


Biathlon is a winter Olympic sport that combines the thrill of cross country skiing (skate discipline) with the skill of rifle shooting.

Athletes ski in both sprint and distance races that vary in length according age category.

The skiing is around a set course and the rifle shooting happens at a rifle range within that course. Athletes aim to shoot five targets on the Range. Each miss is recorded (rather than each hit). A penalty loop is skied for each target that is missed or a time penalty is imposed for each miss.

Shooting positions include standing and prone (lying). Prone is more stable than standing and easier to learn as you are lying on the mat with an armband (or a rest if you are just starting out) to support your Rifle.

Targets can be set to different sizes - for standing shooting (larger) and for prone shooting (smaller).

Athletes can shoot prone on prone targets, standing on standing targets or prone of standing targets depending on their shooting skills and stage of development. For example a beginner may be asked to shoot prone on standing because the standing target is larger and prone is an easier shooting position.

Races are either mass start or individual start with timed intervals (usually 30secs) between each athlete. In summer, roller-skiing, bike-riding or running is substituted for cross country skiing.

There's lots to consider and find out about when you start biathlon. Click on the links below to find out more about:


Cross Country Skiing


Firearms Licence 

Roller Skiing


The National Championships for biathlon races are held at Mt Hotham in Victoria during August. 

State Championships for NSW are held at Perisher Valley using laser rifles.

State Championships for Victoria are held at Mt Hotham in Victoria during July.

Additional laser biathlon races are held in Perisher throughout the winter season.

Biathlon races are held internationally across Europe, USA and Canada during the northern hemisphere winter.

The Events section of the NSW Biathlon website advises when events are on and how to enter.


If you'd like to know more about biathlon, browse through our website, visit the International Biathlon Union's (IBU) website at ,visit Eurovision to watch live racing and fun and inspirational on-line videos about the sport of biathlon.  

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