Biathlon has two distinct disciplines of cross country skiing and shooting. In summer, roller-skiing, bike-riding or running is substituted for cross country skiing. There's lots to consider and find out about when you start biathlon.

Athletes need the following equipment to participate in biathlon: 

  1. Cross country (XC) skate skis and poles.  
  2. Roller-skis for summer training. 

  3. Biathlon Rifle.

  4. Harness and arm sling (which stabilise the rifle).  

  5. Ammunition.

  6. Waxes for skis. 

Read below and browse the information in Getting Started to find out more. 


There are two types of rifles mainly used in Australia - laser and . 22 calibre small-bore rifles. 

Athletes of all ages can use laser biathlon rifles. There is no requirement to be licensed to use a laser biathlon rifle and they can be set up at any location.

Athletes, 12 and over, are permitted to use a .22 calibre rifle and are required by law to obtain a Firearms Licence or Minors Permit if U18, from the state they live in.

NSW Biathlon is able to supply laser biathlon rifles to participants.

NSW Biathlon has a number of .22 smallbore biathlon rifles available for initial use. However, once an athlete is 12 and over, and wishes to compete in on-snow biathlon races, they are generally required to purchase a rifle because each rifle must be adjusted and fitted to the athlete to ensure they have proper target sighting and the rifle sits comfortably to their shoulder, arm length and hand span. 

Biathlon rifles cost between $2500 (Biathlon 64) and $5000 (1827 Sprint)  The Biathlon 64 is an entry level biathlon rifle produced by Anschutz to make entry into biathlon less costly. If you would like to purchase a rifle, NSW Biathlon will connect you with a supplier.

Click here for a guide to Biathlon rifles. 

Click here for a guide to other biathlon accessories you will need.  

Click here for information on where to purchase in Australia. 


Laser rifles do not require ammunition.

Ammunition is needed for the 22 calibre rifle. NSW Biathlon can advise where to purchase ammunition and what type to purchase. 


Understanding the science of waxing cross country skis is not learnt overnight! It takes much understanding, education and tuition from experienced coaches and wax technicians. As part of being a member of NSW Biathlon, waxing support is provided at state and national level races. Our coaches will also help you start to understand what waxing is about and what waxes you should start to put into your wax-box as you build up your knowledge.

There are waxes for different levels - including participation (CH), racing (LF - low fluro) and for higher level racing - HF (high fluro) and Powders  

Websites such as SWIX will help you learn about waxes.