Obtaining a Firearms Licence

Firearms regulations in Australia are governed by each state and territory. While there is much in common, there are also some jurisdictional differences, however for the purposes of biathlon training and competing, all states and terrritories recognise another state/territory firearms licence or minors permit (U18yrs).

For member of Biathlon East Australia, this means our athletes are able to train and compete together in all of the states and territories biathlon operates in using their state of residency firearms licence or minors permit.

Who Needs a License?

* Anyone who wishes to use a firearm

* Anyone who wishes to purchase ammunition

* Anyone who needs to transport a firearm

* Anyone who has a firearm stored at their house

Please note: Athletes under 18 are not permitted to handle or transport their firearm without a licensed person over 18 in attendance. Therefore, if an athlete is under 18 at least one parent is required to hold a firearms license.

How to Obtain a Firearms Licence or Minors Permit (U18yrs)

Generally, obtaining a license or minors permit is a three step process:

1. Undertake Firearms License written safety test and a practical shoot(s).

2. Join a Shooting Club.

3. Lodge your application for a Firearms License with your State’s or Territory’s Firearms Registry.

Click below for the process in your State or Territory
NSW  Firearms Licence  Minors Permit 
VIC  Firearms Licence  Minors Permit 
ACT  Firearms Licence  Minors Permit 
QLD  Firearms Licence  Minors Permit 


Your state based Association or Club can also assist to explain the process and put you in touch with the most suitable firearms club for your needs.

A biathlete’s genuine reason for holding a shooting licence is Sport/Target Shooting.

Click here for the contact in your state or territory

Acquiring a Firearm

Acquiring a firearm requires an application to your State or Territory’s Firearms Registry to be issued with a “Permit to Acquire” (PTA) form. The form is completed and then lodged with the regulatory body in your State or Territory, who will issue you the PTA to acquire a firearm.

Like obtaining a Firearms Licence or Minors Permit, the process and timeframes have small variations between states and if you are planning to acquire a biathlon firearm please make sure you are familiar with the requirements and timeframes.

There will be a longer timeframe for the first time acquirer of a firearm.

Safe Storage 

Once you have acquired a firearm it is required to be stored in a safe and proper manner. Each State and Territory has requirements for safe storage which you should be aware of if you wish to purchase a biathlon rife. 

Click below for the process in your State or Territory
NSW  Permit to Acquire  Safe Storage
VIC  Permit to Acquire  Safe Storage
ACT  Permit to Acquire  Safe Storage
QLD  Permit to Acquire  Safe Storage

Maintaining a Firearms Licence 

Each state and territory have different requirements to continue holding a firearms licence. All require on-going and up-to-date membership of an accredited shooting club and some require a minimum number of attendances at a shooting range to be completed each year.

Please  ensure you are familiar with the requirements for on-going holding of a firearms licence in your state.