NSW Firearms - Laser Biathlon Usage

Laser (Electronic) Biathlon System Usage Requirements 

Use of laser biathlon systems in each state are regulated by the Firearms Registry.

In NSW and Victoria, laser biathlon systems are exempted from requiring a firearms licence. In ACT, laser biathlon systems are operated under a permit. In QLD, laser biathlon systems are not regulated.    

Who Can Use Laser Biathlon Rifles and Systems in NSW?

The member Associations and Clubs of Biathlon East Australia are permited users and peak bodies for laser biathlon systems in their States. 

The exemption of laser biathlon rifles from regulations means that a user does not have to be licensed by a permit to operate a laser biathlon rifle. The exemption applies to both persons over and under the age of 18 years and includes participants, athletes, coaches and officials.

What are the supervision requirements for young persons?

There are still supervisory requirements for young people under 18yrs using laser biathlon rifles. This includes:

  1. A young person must be supervised by a person over the age of 18 years who is also afforded an exemption (supervisor).
  2. The young person must at all times be in the direct line of sight
  3. the supervisor must at all times be ready and able to give directions and render immediate assistance to the young person.

The supervision is to be at a level that the supervisor reasonably considers to be adequate, taking into account the following relevant factors:

  1. the young person’s general competency and proficiency with a laser biathlon rifle
  2. the number of persons being supervised,
  3. the effect of the landscape and range configuration on the ability of the supervisor to maintain direct line of sight observation of the persons being supervised and to give directions and render.

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Safe Storage

Laser (electronic) biathlon rifles must be stored according to Level 1 safe storage requirements.

This requires laser biathlon rifles to be stored in a locked receptacle that is constructed of hard wood or steel and not easily penetrable. If the receptacle weighs less than 150 kilograms when empty, it must be fixed in order to prevent its easy removal. The locks of such a receptacle must be of solid metal.

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