Officiating Pathway

Regardless of the level of competition, having qualified sports officials for biathlon brings value through alignment with best practice, upholds the integrity and due process in competition, and encourages the right values and etiquette of sport.

Officials are critical in setting a fun, enjoyable and safe environment where sporting rules are respected. They support competitions, improve the quality of events and are involved in developing local rules for biathlon in Australia.  

An official can assist with a wide variety of tasks including course selection, venue layout, program and schedule of races and rules of events. Biathlon East Australia provides education and pathways for officials through a series of programs that develop competency and  key skills for biathlon in Australia.

 Biathlon East Australia Officating Pathway 


The Biathlon East Australia officiating pathway consists of two streams, the Laser Biathlon Official and the .22 Target Shooting Official. The.22 Target Shooting Official pathway steps through the levels of qualification required to assist at training sessions and events, including upskilling to Event Lead Officialm Race Director and Technical Delegate.  

If an individual wishes to officiate at international events, the International Biathlon Union qualification stream becomes the next level of certiciation, where officials can become certified as IBU International Referees and IBU Technical Delegates.

Biathlon East Australia Officials Framework and Pathway  outlines levels, prerequisites, training and assessment involved for each accreditation.  Suitable role for officals at each level are oulined. 

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 Biathlon East Australia's Laser Biathlon Officials  accreditation consists of participating and being part of a laser biathlon event in an officials role. You will be trained and mentored by experienced laser biathlon officials and .22 target biathlon officials.  
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 Biathlon East Australia's .22 Target Biathlon Officials accreditation consists of  progressing through levels of roles commencing with officiating at a training session, obtaining relevant and required firearms certifications and training. Officials will become familiar with the NRAA Standard Shooting Rules for Biathlon.  A firearms licence is required to become a  .22 Target Biathlon Official. 
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Biathlon East Australia's Officials Framework and Pathway uses the expertise of both external organisations and its own skilled officials who are experienced in running biathlon events and officiating. Where possible, and to ensure consistency with best practice and common sport rules and regulations, BEA adopts a combination of IBU rules adopted to comply with Australian firearms regulations and snow conditions. 

The pathway has two streams - laser biathlon and .22 target shooting. 

  • Laser is suitable for parents who want to helpout, teachers who are part of school events. A firearms licence is not necessary to become an accredited laser official. 
  • .22  Biathlon has a number of different levels which each level progressively achevied through experience and practical assessment. 

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