Roller Skiing


Roller-skiing is cross country skiing on wheels! 

It is a great year round activity for maintaining fitness, working on technique, or even learning to ski before the winter.

As with XC skiing, rollerskis can be classic or skate. Classic rollerskis have one wheel that won't roll backwards. All you need is smooth road or bike path and preferably no traffic. Asphalt or bitumen is best, not concrete as the surface is too hard for pole tips to dig in.

Rollerski wheels are generally solid rubber, pneumatic wheels are also available. Normal ski poles can be used, though the baskets can be replaced with more durable rollerski poles tips. Helmets are essential! Other safety equipment such as knee/elbow pads are optional.

Click on the icon to learn more about roller-skiing and the equipment you'll need. (XC Skiing information courtesy of Australian XC Skiing).

Click below to learn about how to start roller-skiing and contact NSW Biathlon for help with initial roller-ski lessons and on-going coaching and training.