Coaching Pathway

Coaching is the foundation of participation and performance in any sport.


The vision of the Biathlon East Australia’s Coaching Pathway is to develop the skills and competencies of our coaches, enable personal development, support increases in participation at all levels and help to achieve the personal and performance goals of those being coached.

The Biathlon East Australia Coaching and Instructor pathway aligns to the FTEM Framework which focus on increasing competencies of the coach or instructor, working from Foundations to Mastery in alignment with athlete development. 

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Ready to Go?

The first two steps in Biathlon East Australia's Coaching Pathway can be found below.  

  Biathlon East Australia's Laser Biathlon Community Instructor accreditation consists of e-Learning courses and practical assisting hours and is designed to allow parents, school teachers, cross country skiing instructors    to set up and instruct at a laser biathlon range both on-snow and at dry-land locations. 
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  Biathlon East Australia’s Developing Fundamentals Coaching accreditation consists of e-Learning courses, practical workshops and practical coaching hours designed for cross country skiing instructors, shooting instructors, ex-athletes and other       prospective biathlon sport coaches beginning their coaching journey.
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Biathlon East Australia's Coaching Framework and Pathway uses the expertise of external organisaitons where possible, to ensure consistency with best practice and common sport rules and regulations.

It includes both generic coaching and biathlon specific XC Skiing and Target shooting modules, face-to-face practical workshops and practical coaching hours. The Framework and Pathway outlines the steps and qualifcations needed to become an accredited biathlon coach for both Laser Biathlon (Foundation)  and .22 Target  Developing Fundamentals (Foundation / Development) Instructor and Coach levels. 


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  • An instructor is someone that helps the participants develop the technical skills and confidence to cross country ski and shoot in either laser biathlon or using .22 rifles.
  •  A Coach is someone that not only teaches the skills of an Instructor but also helps the participants develop the physiological and psychological requirements and technical skills for competition.
  •  Both roles are equally critical in the development of biathlon participation and performance. Developing biathlon coaches follows the pathway of including both instructing and coaching.
  • The alignment of the Coaching and Instructing pathway to the participant pathway ensures that the coach develops the skills, knowledge, aptitude and experience to better support the goals of individuals they coach or instruct, and to.
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Sport Integrity Australia and Play by the Rules have combined to develop a range  of on-line learning covering

  • Anti-doping
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Child Protection
  • Ethics
  • Complaint Handing